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Here you can set the appearance of eMule window and tabs


  • Progressbar style: how much “round” the progressbar will be drawn
  • Tooltip delay time [sec] : into the Transfers tab if the mouse pointer holds on a file that is being downloaded, a tooltip will appear with a summary of the file informations. With this option you can set how many seconds eMule will wait to show the tooltip after the mouse holds on a file
  • Minimize to system tray: if this option is enabled, when you'll minimize the eMule window you'll end up having the eMule icon on the tray bar (the one near the clock). If disabled, an additional icon will be set on window header to minimize to tray bar (eg tray bar)
  • Download list double-click to expand: choose if you want to expand a file currently downloading with a double click or a single one
  • Show percentage of download completion in progressbar: checking this option the current completion percentage will be shown in the middle of the progressbar
  • Show transfer rates on title: check this if you want to display current bandwith usage on title bartransfer rates on title
  • Show download info on category tabs: put two values on categories tabs (x/y). The first is the number of the files currently transferring data, the second is the total number of files in that category
  • Auto clear completed downloads: remove from Transfers tab the file as soon it is completed automatically. If you want the completed files to show in the Transfers tab don't check it. You can always remove completed files from Transfers window clicking with the left button and choosing Clear Completed
  • Show additional toolbar on Transfers window: adds a small toolbar that helps to “filter” what to show on the Transfers tab upper toolbar. From left to right you'll obtain: split window (default behaviour), download files, currently uploading, currently downloading, current queue, known clients. Using the split window another toolbar wil show up in the middle, with the same option of the upper one, but controlling the lower part lower toolbar
  • Remember open searches between restarts: saves currently open searches so you don't have to repeat them restarting eMule
  • Enable Windows 7 taskbar effects: pretty unuseful to explain. If you don't tick this setting the behaviour will be the same as eMule version prior to 0.50a
  • Save CPU & Memory Usage
    • Disable Known Client List: known clients are a lot…actually every eMule you was connected to to be on his queue, and also the ones ever been in your queue. Disabling the list will free up some memory
    • Disable Queue List: also queue can be long. eMule at default values can store up to 5000 clients on queue. Also disabiling this list will free up some memory
  • Font for Server-, Message and IRC-Window: you can choose the font rendered in those tabs
  • Auto completion (history function): eMule saves the history of quite all the input boxes( Search, kad bootstrap, update server.met and update IPFilter ): it offers auto completion on these boxes of all the values you inserted. You can disable this behaviour The button Reset will delete every reference

2010/08/10 16:44


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